client strategies III

Simon Gray | Business manager 
Gray Consulting


This was Simon Gray’s first suit with Kahlil Blazia. With all new customers, Blazia aims to build a collection of four solid-colored suits that complement the client’s skin tone and features. Gray’s first piece was a solid navy blue, super 100s worsted wool fabric. 

Gray, an accountant who travels frequently on behalf of his globe-trotting clients, was advised to consider the idea of a professional uniform—a classic look with a touch of character that could become Gray’s signature. Now whether doing business on the road or in the office, the "Gray" standard Vol. 1 makes the perfect brand statement.

Design elements: three-piece, classic two-button, single breasted jacket with notch lapel, double besom flap pockets and side vents complemented by a single breasted six-button waistcoat and flat front plain bottom trouser.  

Suiting fabric & weave: Durable super 100s, fine twill classic navy blue